Thank you for choosing Smiles Dental Clinic to be a part of your life. We are happy to help you care for your Oral Health!

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Dear Visitor!
We appreciate your interest with Smiles Dental Clinic and your visit to our website.
We proudly provide quality dental care to the community of Dar es Salaam and surrounding areas. We'll be glad to hear from you if you have any questions. Thank you and see you soon!
Dr. Frank A.J. Mwakatobe

About Smiles Dental Clinic

Smiles dental clinic is a family friendly private dental practice that caters for the holistic dental health needs of Tanzania’s growing elite population.
As Tanzania’s growing population becomes better educated and more affluent, people are becoming more aware of and are in demand of esteemed social services including better medical and dental care.

Our Vision

To be a leading and highly reputable dental centre, providing high quality dental services in a friendly environment.

Our vision trigger lies in the slogan “DISCOVER YOUR SMILE” which purely emphasizes client’s satisfaction from the quality services we provide.

Services Offered

  • Dental Examination
    Examinations by diagnostic x-rays (periapicals and OPGs),Oral cancer screening, Gum disease/periodontal evaluation, Examination for tooth decay, Examination of integrity of existing restorations, crowns and bridges

  • Professional Dental Cleaning
    Removal of plaque, stains and calculus (tartar) by scaling and polishing, Professional tooth brushing, Management of halitosis (Bad breath).

  • Fluoride Application
    Management of teeth sensitivity, Topical fluoride application.

  • Orthodontic Treatment
    A speciality/branch of dentistry dealing with development of teeth, jaws and facial structures.

  • Dental Xray Services New*
    Intraoral xrays, OPG/Panoramic xray.

  • Teeth Whitening New*

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Thank you for choosing Smiles Dental Clinic to be a part of your life. We are happy to help you care for your Oral Health! This is the beginning of a simplified educational series of information and tips on oral health.

Oral health is a part of your general health and requires just as good care as any part of your body. Here are simplified explanations of the two most common oral diseases- tooth decay and gum disease and some tips on how to take care of your teeth and gums:

img Tooth decay/dental caries is caused by acid produced when normal oral bacteria feed on food substance remains on the teeth especially sugar. This acid can slowly eat away at/corrode teeth surfaces until a painful cavity develops and will be visible to you in about a year and a half's time!

- Try to avoid eating sugary snacks more than five times a day and especially before bed time.
- Keep your teeth clean by daily brushing twice, in the morning after breakfast and at night before bed time.
- Visit your dentist twice a year for DENTAL CHECKUPS to detect tooth decay early and treat it. More visits may be required after a problem is detected.

img The sites on the teeth most prone to keeping food substance remains and early decay attack are the slits and holes on the chewing surfaces (fissures and pits) of the back teeth (molars) and areas between the teeth. Sometimes the front teeth may also get decay and this is seen when areas on the teeth slowly start changing colour from white to grey or black.

- Proper tooth brushing with a good tooth brush, good quality fluoridated toothpaste and flossing between the teeth are the best ways to keep all surfaces of the teeth clean.
- FISSURE SEALING is the application of a thin protective layer of a filling material to completely seal off these fissures.

img Gum disease is caused by bacterial attack on the gums. Again these are normal oral bacteria feeding on food substance remains on teeth at the gum border. Early signs of diseased gums are red and shiny gums, bleeding on normal tooth brushing and sometimes pain.

- Cleaning your teeth well also protects your gums from disease. Using a good quality toothbrush will also protect your gums from injury during brushing.
- Most mouthwashes are antibacterial and help to reduce the numbers of bacteria that may cause tooth decay and gum disease.
- Scaling and polishing (ORAL PROPHYLAXIS) helps remove hardened food debris on the teeth near the gum border which prevents gum disease.